Club Jameco is an electronics project community where members can design, sell, teach and learn about electronics projects and kits.

Project designers can earn money by designing electronics projects and writing step-by-step instructions. Jameco will created a kit for your project, sell it, promote it and pay the designer a commission on every kit sold!

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The Club Jameco Whiteboard is a collaborative discussion board to help build better electronics projects, solve a problem or meet people with similar interests. Have a great idea for an electronics kit, but aren't sure how to build it? Do you have a great project idea but need some real world feedback? Use the Club Jameco Whiteboard to connect with other people actively engaged in cutting edge electronics projects.

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Pitch Your Project Brief

Every project starts with a Project Brief. This is your placeholder project description while you are working on the design itself. This is a chance to get prospective customers interested in your project so take the time to clearly communicate your goals for this project. Tell us your project idea in a simple paragraph. Explain what you plan on designing and how it works. We'll approve and post all viable project briefs online for the Club Jameco community to share their feedback, vote and follow.

Guidelines for writing a brief

Design Your Project

Once your Brief has been posted, you are free to start designing your project. Using our designer's portal, write step-by-step instructions, upload photos of your design and create a bill of materials used in your project. Creating an electronics project that others can build requires a straightforward bill of materials and step-by-step instructions. In this section you will be giving us the information we'll need to promote and sell your project. The goal is to get an electronics enthusiast excited about doing this project.

Guidelines for writing an overview for a project

Create a parts list for your project. In this section you'll use your web browser to find the components you want to include. If you've designed a printed circuit board, you can upload your Gerber files in this section as well. Start by looking for your components on the Jameco.com site. If you can't find a component or two there feel free to list components from other sites.

Guidelines for creating my Bill of Materials

Create easy, clear and straight forward step-by-step instructions that others will follow to build your project. Be as clear and detailed as possible so that builders will know what you mean each step of the way.

Guidelines for creating steps for my project

Our team will share feedback with you along the way to ensure your design is a success. We'll work with you on bill of material recommendations and circuit board designs.

You'll be allotted 120 days to complete your project. As long as you are actively progressing in your project, we’re happy to extend that time limit before we release the project so others can design it.

Earn Money

When your project is completed and approved, Jameco will kit it, sell it and market it. Jameco will send all designers quarterly a commission check based on each individual kit's sales volume during the quarter.

Quarterly Kit/Project Design Sales Commission Payment:

First $200 in sales each quarter = 5% of Net Sales
Sales above $200 and up to $500 each quarter = 8% of Net Sales
Sales above $500 each quarter = 10% of Net Sales
"Net Sales" means total sales in US Dollars exclusive of shipping and any taxes and net of any customer returns.

Commission payments will be calculated based on shipments, minus any returns. Checks will be mailed to the designer's address within 60 days of the close of each calendar quarter. See the Designer Agreement for more details. Project designers can monitor earnings by accessing the Track Your Earnings section of My Account.

Additional Questions about earning money from Club Jameco