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Launched in 2012, Club Jameco is a hobbyist driven website for DIY (do-it-yourself) electronics projects. For electronics enthusiasts, Club Jameco is a place to discover, discuss, develop, evaluate and purchase electronics projects. For the electronics designers, Club Jameco provides an opportunity to design projects and sell them as a kit, earning a commission on every sale.


Jameco Electronics is a low cost
electronics component distributor founded in 1974, in Belmont, CA. Jameco is a franchised distributor for over 150 electronic component brands selling over 50,000 products.

Jameco's product line includes digital and analog
semiconductors, interconnects, passives, electromechanical, power supplies, fans, prototype/design, test equipment and tools, and robotics


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Club Jameco is a collection of electronics projects created by designers who are not professionals. While every project for sale has been reviewed by the Jameco team, these kits are sold with the assumption that every customer has a basic understanding of electronics, the potential dangers and is building these kits at his/her own risk.

Any time you are working with electronics we request that you use appropriate tools, equipment and safety gear. Please review the project requirements and the difficulty level to ensure that you have the skills required to safely complete the project.

Please check the Club Jameco project page before beginning any project to look for any design updates or safety tips before you undertake a project.

Photos included on the instructions are illustrative and may not depict necessary safety precautions or equipment. No electronics projects should be completed by unsupervised children.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you are not violating any laws or regulations in your community. While Jameco Electronics is happy to guarantee the quality of any kit sold, Jameco cannot be responsible for any resulting damage, injury or expense associate with building a Jameco Electronics kit.