Sound Generator Kit


The perfect device for DJs or if you just want to attract attention. With one output for direct connection to a speaker and one line output for connecting to a mixer panel effects can be generated simply by pushing a button. It can also play musical tunes.


ADRIAN (Jun 05, 2012)

That chip looks like the size of the old 76477 National? sound generator chip. To bad those arn't available anymore. We could then have a real SOUND GENERATOR KIT!!

tarnall (Jun 29, 2012)

I built this kit last week, works great! I got tied of those generic auto alarm sirens that all sound about the same. I also built an 18 Watt 12VDC mono Amp. Just tested it all this morning, works/sounds great! Thought I might replace all the buttons with toggle switches, that way way I can change the alarm tones easily.