Meggy Junior RGB Handheld Game

Meggy Jr RGB is a handheld platform for developing your own video games. Featuring a fully addressable 8x8 RGB LED matrix display, big comfy button switches, handles, a lo-fi audio transducer. Meggy Jr is fast, programmable, open source, and hackable. And fun!


amonroejj (Dec 08, 2012)

I'm kind of interested in this, but I'm curious why this is far, FAR less complex than, say, a Raspberry Pi, yet double the price? Not being snarky - honest question.

SearayCA (May 23, 2012)

My kids each built one of these. They loved it. Easy, and they are now writing their own games.

gatech (Jun 07, 2012)

That's cool. How old are they?