Fun Light Switch Box


Kids and adults will find this toy incredibly engaging and fun. Press a button and something lights up. Flip a switch, and everything changes!

You'll be amazed at how such incredibly unpredictable behavior can be achieved through cleverly connected switches and pushbuttons. My kids have played with one of these for years, now I'm sharing it with you.


jackmillerjr (Dec 03, 2015)
There are a couple of items, at least in my kit, that I would like to confirm/ask about.
1) There is no yellow lamp in my kit. It appears that it is now a red lamp of the same type. Is that correct?
2) Has the small red lamp been replaced by a white LED? If so, shouldn't there be a resistor for this LED also? I'm trying to make sure what is supposed to be where in the end. The kit instructions also refer to a 'white panel lamp' is that the white LED?
Many Thanks.
Dibyajyoti (Jul 17, 2014)
hi nice one
friend also refer this one
oldgarryman (Jan 14, 2013)

Very fun engaging toy indeed! It's good to see how using electrical technology to create such amazing toy. I'm quite surprised by this incredible switches and pushbuttons. Thanks.

BellaDae (Dec 18, 2012)

I came across this gadget after multiple google searches. This is just what I need for my 16 month old. I have zero experience with electronics and regret that by the time this is mass marketed my son will be too old. I love this toy idea. I created an account on this site for the sole purpose to vote for this toy.