Making x10 appliance modules with LED and CFL lighting


This device allows an x10 appliance modules to properly control 120 vac LED bulbs, string of holiday LED lights and CFL lighting devices.
An x10 appliance module doesn’t function perfectly when controlling Compact Fluorescent bulbs and LED lighting. For example: LED bulbs dimly illuminate when the x10 appliance module is off, and some CFLs "fool" the appliance module’s Local Control circuitry and force the device to stay on. With both lamp types the Local Control function does not work.
The folks at X10 propose 2 solutions that I find unacceptable for various reasons. Primarily because they defeat the Local Control function which I need for my application.
This project kit is a very simple circuit which resolves the above mentioned problems while not defeating the Local Control feature of the x10 module. This kit has very little soldering.




JefferyS (Apr 20, 2014)
What I would like to see is a device that can test X10 signals to see if they are even getting to the plugin or light switch and how high the signal level is and maybe a way to measure line noise. Have a lot of problems with X10 not working all the time.
Kman101 (Apr 13, 2015)
There are x10 signal test devices on the market now. See I also suggest you do a web search for XPTR X10.