Magic Morse Code Trainer


Many educators will advise that the best way to learn a language is to listen first to a phrase, then associate the meaning, and then pronounce the phrase or response. Unfortunately, when an individual is along trying to learn Morse Code, the try and true is difficult to implement. The frustration comes when the student attempts to key a word or phrase and has no direct feedback if the keying was correct. Magic Morse eliminates this barrier to learning by providing immediate feedback and in a manner that would be the way a trained listener would recognize the keying. By providing positive and immediate feedback, the student learns to key correctly and can spend more effort on accuracy and rhythm. Magic Morse is implemented in a single microcontroller chip (PICAXE 20X2 - PIC18F14K22 uC) a wide band tone demodulator and a Morse character decoder. It can even be used with a PC provided, it provides standard PC serial port, COM1 or COM2.

It can be also be driven from the PC sound card provided that the audio level is sufficient, which allows for the decoding of ARRL test files which are hosted as MP3 and WAV formats on the Internet. This provides a kind of safety-net while learning such that if the student is listening and writing the code on paper, he/she can refer to the LCD display (optional) or the PC terminal display to make a positive association of the correct character with the Morse Code sounds.