Programming Interface for AVR

"Programmers" for the AVR family of microcontrollers actually terminate in a 6-pin header socket, with no convenient means to directly connect to the chip to be programmed. You may have also noticed by now that the different AVR chips need to have different pins connected to the programmer. (They use the same 6 programming signals, but they appear at different pins with different chips....) This kit resolves these issues by providing a 40-pin ZIF socket on a small solderless breadboard, a few jumper wires, and a "demo" ATtiny2313 AVR chip (that you can use to confirm that your Programming Interface is working properly). Now you can select whichever AVR chip you want to use, look up the pins that need to be connected to the programmer, place your signal wires from the programmer connector, place your chip in the ZIF socket, and you are ready to program!