Instructables Portable Retro Hi-Fi Speaker


This project converts a hi-fi bookshelf speaker into a portable sound system for music on the go. It has an integrated audio amplifier and battery with charger. The result is a retro looking portable sound system that can be used with any MP3 player or phone to play music. 

Please note:  Some items may not be sold at Jameco and will need to be purchased separately, please review the materials list below. Due to inventory packaging methods, you may receive extra components for some products.

You Will Need

0.5 Ohm resistors (not included, sold separately)
TDA2002V Audio Amp IC (not included, sold separately)
Soldering iron and solder
Sealed Lead Acid battery 12 V
18 V Laptop power supply
Sheet metal
Rubber feet
6-32 wood screws
22 gauge stranded wire
A bookshelf speaker or any equivalent speaker
heat sink