Classroom Wireless Robot Control System with Programming Activities:


This kit fits well into STEM Education programs and requires many steps to completion. It includes assembly and soldering activity as well as programming and development activities that enrich student understanding and help develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

In the beginning, the kit requires assembly. There are two matching Robot Control Boards and one Programming Activity Board that need solder assembly. Once the circuit board assembly is complete and tested, students are engaged in learning all about SPIN programming through completing many pre-written programming lab activities.

The lab activities challenge students to write programs while learning all about how the programs function. In addition, the programming lessons build understanding to support the project development phase of the kit. Once the students grasp the programming and have mastered some aspects, a pre-written code is provided to give students a starting point for designing, developing and controlling a fully functional robot.

As an after school program, these materials have provided year-long STEM activities for students when coupled with building a robot for an end of year competition. The materials provided and the supporting documentation provide a great start for the development of a continous on-going STEM program of study.

A great deal of supporting information for this project can be found at

You can order the Wireless Robot Control System from Jameco.