Arduino Bread Box Experimenter Kit


You are about to embark on a fun filled frenzy of electro mechanical experimentation, all under software control!

In the old days an experimenter needed a pile of transistors, capacitors, resistors, and a wire wrap gun to make something. Then came the digital revolution and it could all be done with a system on a chip, a soldering iron, and a bread board. The introduction of the Arduino microprocessor gave experimenters the easy ability to sense and control the world using software. The Arduino gives you a way to talk to the real world of light, temperature, and motion.

The typical experimenter's set up is a white bread board with a bunch of holes in it with wires sticking everywhere. It can be quite intimidating to a person who only knows software. And today's experimenters don't toil away alone in their basement. They want to take their creations to a friend's house or a meet-up and show it off. Unfortunately those old bread boards don't travel well. The tangle of wires easily come loose. At a meet-up you can spend more time figuring out which wire came loose than you do showing off your great invention.

Experimenters have had a stable software platform for some time. The Bread Box provides a stable physical platform for your work and introduces a new level of portability to your rig.

The Bread Box kit you have contains a number of servo motors, potentiometers (like a volume control), and switches that will be wired up and held in place. You can place your finished Bread Box kit into a real box and take it with you as you go experimenting.

This kit does not include the enclosure or any microprocessors; you have to supply them, but you probably already have one! The Bread Box is designed for use with an Arduino and a shield. It works well with a Raspberry Pi and a Arduino Alamode. It works with a Duemilanove and a sensor shield. You can certainly use it with any microprocessors you want.

Adventurous experimenters will enjoy the physical stability the Bread Box offers.

This kit is a set of parts that are made to go with a BreadBox kit from Shrimpware.

You can view a video of the finished product in action:


jschrempp (Nov 27, 2013)
Thanks Rob!
user ClubRob (Nov 27, 2013)
Sounds cool