Bicycle Directional Blinkers


This is a simple 555 timer circuit that has been adapted for use as bike blinkers. This isn't a very difficult project, so you should be able to finish it in a couple of hours and make it a nice addition to your bike. Due to differences in sizes of bicycles and the many ways of mounting the circuit, this kit doesn't include mounting mechanisms. The 555 timer circuit runs in astable mode with the addition of three transistors and two diodes which act as power switches for the LEDs and the 555 timer.


janagyjr (Aug 28, 2013)
The pdf provided didn't instruct on where the 9V was placed. Are all the connections weatherproofed? Why two switches instead of one three-way with center-off?
Dimitri (Aug 28, 2013)
The 9V battery is pretty much just placed in the box with the circuit board. It doesn't really rattle around as much as you'd think it would. Regarding the three way switch, when i was first designing the kit that is what i had in mind but i couldn't actually find any of those kinds of switches, and 2 tactile switches are cheaper anyways.