Magic color

Magic color it’s a guessing game. With this game you can surprise your friends and leave them with amazement, how the game guesses what they have in their minds. Only two selections require from the user to guess the game the color combination that is in his mind. The game has the following obvious parts:

1. Matrix rgb board with five rows and five columns of leds.
2. 6 buttons. One button is to starting a new game and the other five is to playing the game. Its button (the group of five buttons) is under a specific column of the matrix board. So under the first column of matrix board exists one button, under the second column of matrix board exists one button e.t.c.

I will describe the operation of the game in the following steps:
1. The user presses the starting button and leds on the matrix board take different colors combinations between them. For example, a led can be fixed in red or red color with green that toggle.
2. The user memorizes one led with the combination of color.
3. The user presses the button of a column in which exists the memorized led.
4. The firmware calculates and changes all the places of colors combinations with respect of specific algorithm.
5. Revision of step 3.
6. Finally the firmware guesses the memorized selected combination color of the
user by making all leds to light with this same color combination.