Simple DC Motor

The electric motor is a staple of the maker’s arsenal. DC motors are used in all sorts of robots, gadgets, and technology that assists us everyday. But how many people understand the basic principles of motor operation and can build one from simple electronics parts? When looking inside the mechanism, one will be fascinated by the fundamental principles of electromagnetism that dictate its movement. For science teachers that are looking for a great way to demonstrate the real life application of the often detached physics equations and formulas, this is the perfect kit.

The simple DIY motor kit comes in a classroom pack with 205 feet of enameled wire, magnets, batteries and battery packs, and a small solderless breadboard. One pack should be enough for all class periods if the students break into groups of 2 to 4. Also, the kit comes in a single pack, with one of each component, for the private builder looking to learn a little something about electromagnetism. There will be plenty of wire in the single kit to experiment with different coil designs. The DIY motor kit will captivate kids and adults alike.