Integrated 6 way scrolling led display for Arduino

6 way integrated 60mm x 60mm LED 8 x 8 matrix display for Arduino, cascadeable. Using the popular MAX7219 seven segment display driver chip. Each of the six stages comprises of a MAX7219 driver chip, a common anode 60mm sqaure 8 x 8 led matrix, a 100n capacitor for supply decoupling for each IC, an electrolytic 10µF (observe polarity) capacitor for IC supply smoothing and a 10k resistor to set the current limit for each matrix. (refer to the MAX7219 data sheet on Jameco for more information on this ). I have run a single matrix module board from the Arduino USB supply but to prevent overloading the regulator a suitable 1-2A 5V Dc mains adaptor should be plugged into the Arduino's DC power socket. I have tested this module on both the Arduino Mega and Arduino UNo with no problems. There are 5 hook up wires required from the Arduino, to the first unit which need to be connected to the right hand pcb header connections 5V, GND, DIN, CS and CK are required (see Arduino sketch below). To cascade units connect the left hand header DOUT to the right hand header DIN of subsequent units as well as the other 4 wires. The best Arduino sketch to drive this unit can be found here you will need to amend it to set the number of modules you are using (6 if one kit) and also any pin changes on the Arduino boards especially the UNO.