Breadboard Power Supply Module 3.3V or 5V output


Input voltage: 10-24VDC, recommended 18V wall power supply (Power Jack)
Output voltage: 3.3V/5V/Adjustable 1.8-12V
Output current: 650mA
Pin Headers for input and output
Central positive DC 2.1 power jack for input
Size: 2.64" x 1.69"

By completing this kit user will get useful Breadboard power supply with 3.3V 5V or adjustable output modes which are selected by sliding switch. Also user will learn how switching mode power supply Buck converter works.

Switching mode power supply is much more efficient and have wider range of input voltages than linear regulator.

Input voltage of this module is 10-24V DC (Recommended 18V wall power supply) (Power Jack with positive center pin)

Maximum current at output of this power supply is 650mA and no heat sinks are needed.

Module also have adjustable voltage output in ranges between 1.8-12 Volts but in that case input voltage should be in range from 18 to 24 Volts, maximum output current in adjustable mode is 500mA.

If 10 Volts are applied on input - output voltage can be adjusted in range from 1.8V to 6V, maximum upper voltage level in adjustable mode is increased as input voltage increases.

3.3V 5V and adjustable modes are selected with three position slide switch, in adjustable mode voltage is adjusted with potentiometer.

Distance between closer pins on headers on opposite sides used for Breadboard inserting is 1.7 Inches (43.18 mm) and they fit on breadboard: Jameco Part no. 2212218 and any other breadboard which is built on that standard.

Module cant be inserted on some Breadboards so header on one side (Vout R or Vout L) should not be soldered if this module is used on that Breadboard with different dimensions between power rails.

PCB dimensions are 67 x 43mm (2.64 x 1.69 Inches)

This module will ideally work with 18V DC power supply adapter .

Possible adapter solution is Jameco Part no. 2102060 with Interchangeable AC plugs (plug kits sold separately)
AC-Plug-US, USA AC plug, Jameco P/N: 2082353
AC-Plug-EU, European AC plug, Jameco P/N: 2082361
AC-Plug-UK, United Kingdom AC plug, Jameco P/N: 2082370
AC-Plug-AU, Australian AC plug, Jameco P/N: 2082388
AC-Plug-MIX, Kit includes US, EU, UK, & AU plug, Jameco P/N: 2082396


Herschel (Nov 11, 2015)
Great idea but how many projects with that size breadboard suck up 650 mA? It's a great design for a power supply, but most of the time I get by with 100 mA on small breadboard projects.