SmartServo - Servo Positioning and Playback

This kit will allow you to create a sequence of up to 2 servo movements and then replayed them back to the same positions every time or until you change it. Each movement sequence can be taught and then replayed with the click of a button or it can be set to run automatically. Create animated displays that can easily be changed by re-teaching the servo positions or download a new servo sequence altogether. Use it to move a servo driven pan/tilt camera to various locations and then play them back or attach a laser pointer to a pan/tilt mount to allow automatic laser pointing control during a presentation. There are a number of different possible uses for this kit. Features:

- RS232 communications port for computer control
- Teach up to 99 Positions and store in non-volatile EEPROM memory
- Connections for powering Servos from an external battery
- Servo Positioning using computer commands or using the Remote Control Interface
- Change Operations using the TEACH/PLAY/RUN Function switch
- use Upload to retrieve a sequence or Download to load a new sequence

Example of RS232 Teach/Play/Run Commands: M - move to location, T- teach position, U - upload sequence data, D - download sequence data, C - clear data, F - move forward, B - move backward