Wall Clock with Dancing Lights


This project can be completed as a 16" wall clock as shown, or simply a wood disk with 12 to 16 high-brightness LED's of various colors. Feel free to modify the size of the disk, but be sure to allow plenty of room for the clock mechanism, controller, LED's, and wiring. Use a one-inch thick piece of wood, instead of the standard 3/4 inch wood, to allow room for the clock and controller cut-outs. A larger (diameter) disk provides a more spectacular light display than a smaller disk.

If you're not comfortable with your artistic skills, stick-on clock numbers can be used. Attaching a graphic of your choosing is a good option if you're not comfortable with your carving and painting skills. If you chose to carve, a Dremel Tool with a router bit makes the job easier.

Caution: If you chose to make a "Souvenir Clock" as I did, be prepared to get requests from your friends to make them one. Mine started out as a one-time special request, but I've recently completed my fourth GTMO Clock.


CMPTRHD (Feb 04, 2015)
I just bought this kit, looks cool, kind of expensive, but I hope it works as well as it looks. I will let you know how it turns out. APO is a week, so look for a post in about 3 weeks. Alex