4-in-1 Arduino LCD Shield Kit

With this project, you will have at least four products in one because this kit consists of an Arduino Uno, an LCD Shield, a USB-A to USB-B cable, and all of materials that you will need to develop the following four projects: a Counter, a Thermometer, a Capacitor Meter and a 4-Channels Voltmeter. The first of them can be developed with the materials supplied while the rest of the meters will be a reality with the help of the appropriate Shield for each of them. That is, a 4-Digit Counter, a Thermometer based on LM35 sensor for measuring in both scales: Fahrenheit and Celsius, a Capacitor Meter with a scale from 100pF - 1uF, and finally a 4-Channels Voltmeter for measuring respectively in each channel a voltage from 0V - 50V. Although you won´t use together all the shields, you can stack them for showing your product as a whole.