ISC Arduino Tutorial 1-Basic Serial and Digital IO with touch sensors and LEDs. If statements, variables

This is a tutorial that strives to teach people the basics of arduino. It was specifically developed to help train our new club members in basics of programming and robotics but we also plan to distribute to those we work with during our K-12 outreach giving them a means to continue their interests in robotics and programming on their own.

Nicer Looking Instructions Here:


1 Arduino
2 GM8 Motors
1 SN7544 H-bridge
10 LEDs
10 220 Ohm Resistors
10 10k Ohm Resistors
1 Half-size solderless breadboard
2 limit switches
1 Potentiomenter
Jumper Wires
9 Volt Battery Snap

​9 Volt Battery, Not Included in kit.
Example Code:


Imagination, creativity, and a desire to learn!

Arduino IDE (Please Install)