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Thread: Automated talk machine for ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease) patients.

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    Exclamation Automated talk machine for ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease) patients.

    I am not an electronics designer but have a need for my cousin. I am looking for some collaboration from the techies that have open minds and great ideas on how this would work. Speech is one of the first communication that these patients lose.

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    How about a keyboard that translates to speaking tones? There are some already available if your cousin is able to type...

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    Yes there are many things available already that allow someone who can still type have a computer type for them, here are some examples

    With the advent of Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone black, a small, battery powered, portable device seems like it could run some of these things normally designed for a PC

    I've worked with the Propeller microcontroller by Parallax before and it has an opensource text-to-speech module that can be added to you'd be able to create a keyboard where a person presses a picture for something they want and the microcontrolle could speak an entire sentence or press the "glass of water button" and the device speaks "please bring me some water"

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    Recent innovations in popular science magazine might provide a workable solution
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