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Thread: radio shack memories when I was single and young.

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    radio shack memories when I was single and young.

    I walked into a radio shack one day and went directly to there connectors. I needed a one quarter inch banana plug. Suddenly a sales lady appeared. "May I help you" " naw I can find it" She said "Actually I can help you, what is it you need.?" I need a one forth inch female banana." She was so insulted she left. She sold me the item with a reluctant face The next time I came in she immedately apoligised for being rude to me and not helping me. someone must have edgucated her as to what a banana plug was. Then I said, her and I can talk it over lunch. What a heck of a way to pick up women.

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    Hahaha! Great story! Did you end up dating? If not, was it awkward the next time you went in and saw her?

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    This is really nice of you to post it here

    click on the source

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