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Thread: It's a Ham, Ham, Ham, Ham World

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    The error has been fixed. Thank you to sspence65 for pointing it out and walking us through why it was wrong. If anyone else sees an error in any newsletter story, please email and we'll try to get it fixed ASAP. Thanks

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    "Founded in 1914 by Hiram Percy Maxim, ARRL (American Radio Relay League) is the national association for Amateur Radio in the US. Today, with more than 161,000 members, ARRL is the largest organization of radio amateurs in the world. ARRL's mission is based on five pillars: Public Service, Advocacy, Education, Technology, and Membership."
    73 de ke3fl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Livvy View Post
    Mike: it looks like we both made the same mistake. I'm getting Steve's eagle-eyed correction up on the page ASAP (but you're still my hero for the day).
    Thanks, Livvy! I do see where I went wrong. I had a bunch of tabs open in my browser and the text was not visible, only the icon. In my defense, on the home page proper, the words "American Radio Relay League" do not appear in the header or footer where that information is usually presented. Instead, there is a single copyright notice buried about 3/4 of the way down the page. I did a page search, and that's the only place the acronym is expanded.

    By the way, in the discussion about the phrase "Ham Fisted", I do believe it began as a telegrapher term for someone with poorly developed skills. I have heard it used in general conversation over the years as a term for being uncoordinated. When operating a telegraph (a Morse Code Key) various operators are distinguished by their style, and this is referred to as the operator's "Fist". Think of it as the equivalent of an accent or affectation in speech.


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    Mike - no need to explain your oversight as I made the exact same one! I'm just learning so I'm glad I have the nice Jameco hams of the world to help me out. Thanks again

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    Jameco can certainly learn a lot from the mistakes that RadioShack has made over the years. I worked at one of the stores for about 6 years as a manager. I originally started there for the discount on electronics components and gear. Over the time I was there the Shack was rapidly backing out of Ham Radio circles, calling it a dead end product and seeing no future in it. Instead they focused on recurring revenue from cellular telephones and purchasing on the cheap from low quality sources. They even stopped branding the items they sold.

    Recently they had a commercial saying "The 80's called, they want their store back". I said to my friends, "No, 2014 called and we want the items back that were carried in 1980". Back then they had quality products and when you purchased something with their name on it you knew it wasn't going to be junk. They had engineers working with major manufacturers to make products their own. You just don't see that anymore.

    They made a huge mistake. They were no longer interested in the very people who helped build their company. Because they weren't in the loop they missed the signals that ham radio was about to make some major changes. Dropping classes of licenses, Morse code requirements, and a complete restructuring has created a surge in interest in the hobby. People in the Medical, Emergency Organization, and Community planners have started to rediscover the value of a system that they don't have to maintain themselves. Whenever disaster strikes Amateurs are usually the first on the scene to offer assistance, especially with communications. There has been a huge boom in newly licensed operators on the air and with that boom has also come a resurgence in the builder.

    Kits are a huge part of Amateur radio and there is a growing population of people who want to know and understand how their toys work. Companies like Ten Tec, Elecraft, and Heathkit are beginning to grow again. Publishing companies (books), parts suppliers, and kit makers who position themselves now are going to reap the rewards. Likewise, those in supporting industries such as cable producers, tower manufacturers, and aluminum producers will see growth at the same time.

    Just about anything to do with radio is going to be on the upswing for some time into the future. There are more than just hams interested in this stuff too! Those guys who are into prepping, yeah the ones with the bug out bags, bunkers, and stores of food... They are buying up radio gear too. Many of them want to know how to fix it should it break in the field. It's just smart to be prepared for whatever the future holds.

    Thanks for noticing us Jameco. We've been buying parts from you for a very long time already. You're not going to lose out by paying attention to what our community is after. Treat us right and we'll come back for generations, and we'll tell our friends.

    As for items I have wished you would carry in your lineup....

    veneer dial knobs (one turn is a fractional turn on the stator) used for fine tuning amplifiers.
    Tubes - Yes those big ones used also in amplifiers!
    High speed RF switches - again also in amplifiers
    Books about communications electronics from beginner to advanced builder/repairer.
    A better selection of hookup wire and grommets
    Isolators like those used to string up antennas
    Stand offs that are also ceramic (HV style)
    Door knob capacitors
    Wire used for winding coils (such as tank coils)
    Band switches (Last time I ordered from Russia - Looks like these are going to dry up with the Ukraine issues)
    Kits specifically for radio such as Antenna Tuners, Meters, and the like
    Test equipment - This is big $$$ for any quality vendor

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    Hi Livvy, I was born in San Diego and I never left! I got my Novice license in 1970 after passing the morse code test and electronics/rules test while in 11th grade. I didn't get on the air because of equipment problems, having built my own transmitter using the Wrong Parts. In those days, the Novice license expired in 2 years, so I was done. But sometime in the intervening years I promised myself that I would eventually get back into the hobby. A few years ago they did away with the Morse Code requirement for all licenses. So May of 2012 I took the FCC test for Technician Class and got 100% correct. Then two weeks later I took the test for General Class and got 100% correct on that one too! I was going to try for the best license, Amateur Extra Class, but decided that all I've proven is that I can take tests well, and I'd better get on the air and get some experience first. So I did. I'm still a General Class ticket holder. I've been putting together some equipment slowly, concentrating on using the Right Parts this time. I will soon be finished building my High Frequency (HF) station. Until now I've been using a dual band handheld VHF/UHF radio to talk to other local hams on mountaintop repeaters. I've also used my desktop computer with a program called EchoLink to communicate with hams in other places by tunneling into remote repeaters via the Internet (still need a license to do that). It's a great hobby and I enjoy building things related to it. Thanks for listening! George Fish KJ6WWM

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    AH! I see what happened. ARR L and The National Association for Amateur Radio are on the header and the first line of its About Us section, but should be American Radio Relay League. Apologies Steve, you are 100% correct. I'll try to get the correction up as soon as possible. free gift card generator

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