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Thread: Soldering tutorial

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    Soldering tutorial

    About a year ago I did a program for the Story County Amateur Radio Club on soldering. I based it on selected utube videos and made it in the form of a web page with local to my computer links. A club member converted the printed links to active links and it is on line at It starts with fundamentals and goes through manual SMT soldering and displays several methods of soldering UHF connectors to RG-8 and RG-58 coaxes. It was also published in the proceedings of the 2013 Central States VHF Conference that met in Elk Grove Village last July. The first video from Pace is extremely good on soldering iron selection and fundamentals.

    Gerald J.

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    Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

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    Dave has an excellent 3 part series on soldering basics. I greatly increased my proficiency after watching his videos and buying a decent iron and solder.

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    Thanks! Looking forward to it. I think I've spend more time watching your show this at work than actually working! Fantastic stuff!

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