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Thread: Components

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    A great resource for component lists would be the Radio Amateur Handbook. Also, the Yahoo group, ARRLHBC (HomeBrew Challenge) could be a good guide. Each issue of QST contains construction projects as well. Many hams build, but I'd pay close attention to the QRP crowd - they are building maniacs! Thanks for taking an interest. We've been losing our sources for parts (don't forget about connectors for various types of coax!!) over time. It's nice to see someone stepping up to the plate.

    Mark, AB7MP

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    I am looking for a good source for vacuum tubes, germanium crystals, cat's whiskers, and condensers. A selection of bakelite breadboard materials would be nice, along with GOOD quality cloth woven insulated wire. I already have the oatmeal box and am ready to really get into the hobby.
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    For true vintage stuff the only game in town is eBay. Sometimes the sellers are asking ridiculous prices, but if it goes unsold a few times an item is often relisted with "make offer" or "buy it now" available. I've gotten a few items at what I felt was fair that way. (BTW, it's "gerManium" in crystals. "Geraniums" are flowers, and while they smell nice they don't rectify very well!)

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    So... that was my detector problem! TNX!

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