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Thread: Why now?

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    Question Why now?

    I was sent your article on the origins of the term "ham." Now you ask questions on how jameco can help.

    I can only question "why now?" I remember Jameco's roots were the hobbyist and consumer. I even bought from Jameco as late as early 90's when the PC kits came out. Shortly after, your hobbyist attraction disappeared to become corporate - similar to digikey and mouser. You seem to have abandoned the hobbyists who built you up. Prices went up while hobby/home selections went down... and shipping forget it. Now you are calling on the hobbyists again, and with my limited knowledge of marketing and demand I think I know why.

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    The hobbyist segment is by far our fastest growing segment. I fear that much of your data is outdated and I think if you return to Jameco you’ll find that a lot has happened since you last shopped. Shipping prices start at just a few dollars and today we have hobbyist kits through our Club Jameco program that are only available at Jameco.

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    True, I still think there are a lot of hobbyists into it.

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