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Thread: Field Day and BSA JOTA events are a great way to see what Ham Radio is all about

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    Field Day and BSA JOTA events are a great way to see what Ham Radio is all about

    Field Day! It's coming up in June so you've got time to make plans to be there! This is a time when Hams around the world get on the air and make as many contacts as possible. This should give you a great opportunity to get involved Livvy!

    The BSA hosts the JOTA event each year as well. This one is in October so you've got no excuse. A great number of kids get their licenses after attending these events. It is a load of fun.

    There is also a huge opportunity in the schools today. Science labs are looking for practical ways to teach about radio, robotics, and electronics in the schools. You might want to take time to contact some local schools or more importantly the science departments about how to get a foot in the door there. You've got to start somewhere and getting kids interested in electronics can lead to some pretty amazing things!

    Good Luck Jameco. Now start doing your homework Livvy.

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    Last year while coming back from a ham flea market in Santa Clara I heard scouts on an outing talking on the 2 meter radio with a ham in control of the station. I replied to their call. Nothing else except I like to replay when I know there are young people on the other end who might
    become hams someday. It is a fun hobby.

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