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Thread: Too much solder?

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    Too much solder?

    Occasionally you may get too much solder on a joint. It might bridge two adjacent component leads or pads. It might be so much on a cable repair (My dog does love to chew through cables. ) that you cannot slide shrink tubing over the joint, or it might simply look amateurish or prevent you from trimming a lead as close to the PCB as you would like.

    The easiest way to remove the excess solder requires no extra tools or components--no solder sucker or soldering wick. Simply pick up the board and invert it, then touch your already hot soldering iron to it. All the excess solder will immediately form a droplet on the tip of the iron, leaving exactly the right amount on the joint. Tap the soldering iron on an ashtray and the droplet will fall off. For cable splices, simply move the iron until it's beneath the splice.

    Larry M

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    Hmm... i am not sure about that

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