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Thread: Persistence clock

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    Persistence clock

    I know, I know, this isn't a classic kit. Think of a update to an oldie but a goodie... The Classic Jameco Clock Kit.

    I'm sure you have seen those LED sign wands or persistence of vision clocks that use a single line of LEDs which is waved around to show a message or the time. (Google LED sign wand or persistence of vision clock to see what I mean.

    I want a stationary clock with a single vertical line of scanned/flickering LEDS that shows you the time when you scan your field of vision past it. Same persistence of vision effect, but instead of moving the LEDs, you turn your head or scan your eyes.

    Obviously, it would show the right display scanned one way, and a reversed display when scanned the other way.

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    Hi there! Thanks for your clock suggestion. It's been forwarded onto the Product Marketing team for consideration.

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    I would have to agree. Not just the clock project but also other 'basic' projects. That way we ( the more experienced builders) can get the younger upcoming kids hooked on this marvelous market. I remember my first 'projects' so fondly. The satisfaction of seeing something that was a kit now put together and working. Much like planting a seed and watching it grow. If a beginner takes on a more complex project and fails, we have truly lost valuable assets, young blood.

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    I think that rather than having a "Persistence Clock", it would be good to have a "clock core" with a few display modules available separately (a persistence display could be one (or rather could be several, since they can be done in several ways), standard red led & plain lcd, projector...), ideally including a "bus buffer" so that multiple displays could be driven by the same "clock core". And a few signal lines available to hook up custom control panels (could be a bunch of lever switches, could be voice controlled, could be synchronized to the atomic clock signal).

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