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Thread: Electronics in the model train hobby

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    Electronics in the model train hobby

    There are a lot of electronics in the currently produced trains in N - G scales. There are the all the sounds and remotely operated couplers both over electromagnetic sections of track and on the larger scales "coil couplers" that can be activated anywhere on a layout by "remote".

    In modern production of model and toy trains the biggest thing are the command control systems which make running multiple trains on the same track assuming there is enough room to allow it possible with out fear of one running into the other. Before command control to do this you needed divide a layout into "blocks" each block typically had its own power source. Now with command control making blocks with realistic operating signals(semaphores etc. ) is a lot easier and a lot less accident prone.

    These command control setups work like a computer network. Each locomotive and sometimes operating accessories have a unique address like pcs in a network.

    In the most popular scales of N and HO and to S and two rail O DCC(digital command control) is the command system used it is also a standard to which several manufactures make DCC components that are compatible with each other.

    The other 3 systems are for S scale and three rail O. TMCC(Train master command control) and Legacy are from Lionel. They are proprietary system and other makes of O scale trains need to be altered by the hobbyist or be licensed to the Lionel system. MTH (Mikes train house) Has a system called DCS(Digital Command system) also a proprietary system however it will run most of the Lionel functions along with its own equipment. To use both Lionel and MTH command control trains on the same layout you must have both systems wired to layout.

    There are a few hold outs who still operate in conventional mode(transformer controlled). A somewhat new way of controlling electric trains is a system called the dead rail society the trains carry there own power source and all bells whistles and other locomotive functions are controlled by RC controllers.

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    There's also the Ring Engineering radio control. This can run on a DCC track which is typically 12-14 volts. I have this and an NCE start up system that I'm going to find out which one I like the best and then either sell or hand down the other to my grandson. I've played with the Ring system on a temp layout I had on the floor for a couple of weeks. I've taken that up and I'm going to start a semi permanent layout. Waiting on an order of Atlas track to come in, then I'll be coming out of the basement to go to work and eat. I might even find a bit of time to sleep in there somewhere. It'll be something to play on when I build the room size one that will incorporate the smaller one.
    As to the electronics, you betcha there's a lot. Animation on the layout, moving cars and trucks for example. There's animation of people and similar things like a welder under a car or railroad car doing repairs. Street and building lights, etc. Lots of stuff to do in electronics as accessories. Then there's motors and relays that can do more on the layout. Remote activated switches, more animation on the tracks, bridges that raise or swing.
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    In the most well known sizes of N and HO and to S and two rail O DCC(digital summon control) is the order framework utilized it is likewise a standard to which a few makes make DCC parts that are perfect with each other. Do my Assignment Online-Assignment Arena

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