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Thread: My favorit Tool

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    My favorit Tool

    I to Love my HP It just happens to be an HP-28S that I've had sense it first came out in 1986. I used it threw all my math, science, electronic in High School and Collage & University. It saw me threw Navel Nuclear Power School. I had it on every Submarine I served on during my 30 year's of service. After I retired from the Navy and started my 2nd life it has served me well in the field of space population. I don't believed HP ever imagined how powerful this little HP28S really is. After reading your story. I now wish I had gotten a spear for when that fatal day arrives, when an hole decides to flow in the wrong direction. And I must end my relationship with my long time friend HP 28S.

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    Thanks for posting your opinions here

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    If you are using IE then right click on the frame at the top of the screen. You should see a number of toolbar options, one of which should be Favourites. Deal Hack | Target Make sure that is checked and you're on your way. If you aren't using IE then let us know which browser you are using and we can help out.

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