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Thread: Soldering SMT ICs - what is too old?

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    Soldering SMT ICs - what is too old?

    I have been soldering since I was 12 (Heathkits, etc.) and have been hand soldering SMT's since they have been widely used starting in the 1980's. I still solder fine-pitch 208pin PQFP's (FPGA's mostly) using a fine tip soldering iron, a stereo microscope, 10mils-diameter solder; and ONLY in the afternoon after my morning coffee has worn off. You can solder at any age; it's not just for the (physically) young. Of course, it does help to be a kid-at-heart, even for a 63-year-old body.

    ENJOY (and don't breathe those fumes too much).

    Tom Gustin

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    Well it is very motivational for the young people because at such old age you still training and working and I hope that you still remain healthy throughout for the rest of your life. Academic Writers UK

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    I'm getting older by the day. My eyesight isn't what it used to be. My hands waver just a bit. But, I've been learning to do SMT soldering and so far so good! The proper tools are essential. Magnification and proper lighting are without a doubt the most important part of this process. Currently, I'm using a cheap Harbor Freight headset with magnifying lenses and really it just barely does the job for me. I'm seriously looking at getting a good quality USB microscope to help out. Also, a good quality temperature controlled soldering iron (I use a Weller) with a very fine tip works well. Maybe a dedicated SMT soldering station would help? There are lot's of good instructional videos on the internet as well. So, unless there are serious issues with eyesight and/or eye-hand coordination, age should not be an impediment. Just keep going.

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