Club Members,
As the use of Lithium-Ion and Li-Ion-Polymer (LiPo) cells becomes more advantageous for many different kinds of battery-powered circuits, finding generic chargers has been difficult. Additionally, to properly size a particular LiPo cell for an application, accurate Electronic Loads designed specifically for LiPo cells are useful for characterizing LiPo-cell capacities.

To that end, I would like to point out that there are two different LiPo-cell-related kits now available for working with these power sources safely:
1) Club Project #21405, now for sale as JameCo PartNo 2258881, is the "LiBaC", a Generic Li-Ion Battery-cell charger kit. It includes many great features, including a "Goof-proof" input wiring interface, switch-controllable charging currents in five different ranges, (large) LED state and status indicators, and many other features and functions (too many to list here) that make charging these new power sources easy and safe.
2) Club Project #21418, now for sale as JameCo PartNo 2259817, is the "LELTx5", a five channel 100mA (each) Electronic Load for LiPo Testing. It is perfect for accurately establishing the real capacity of any given LiPo-cell for properly choosing a power source for any kind of battery-powered application.

Both of these kits include User Manual Information, including schematics, board views, and performance data with plots as they are both used for charging and discharging various sizes of LiPo cells.