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Thread: Basic op amps and voltage comparators

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    Basic op amps and voltage comparators

    being an old electronics teacher I have a lot of circuits for breadboarding small circuits to get to know various components. What makes one op amp different from another? What is meant by various terms? Why some op amps go for $0.25 and others for $5.00 or more? As a book it is huge but individual lessons may only take up a few pages of text, schematics there are even a few Excel files as design aids and "what if" calculations.
    As a book it covers many 3" binders and includes basic analog and digital from basic electronics to microprocessors. The course was originally designed for casino gaming technicians (slot techs) for Nevada Institute of Technology, no longer in business.

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    Herschel, I would be interested in learning more about opamps. I also have used opamp circuits in LTSpice and if you know anything about Spice models for opamps that would be helpful, you see I often find that there are no spice models for the things I want to use in LTSpice but there is a generic opamp model that I can input data sheet parameters into, but I do not understand all of the spice parameters in terms of what they mean in the generic opamp, I can input the Gain Bandwidth, the input resistance, the slew rate, as well as the device max current, but there are a few other parameters I have not learned yet.

    So far I know how to adjust the gain, as well as make a low pass filter out of a opamp, and I have used them in models as integrators in edge triggered comparator circuits for circuits similar to a phase lock loop. And now that I have read up on opamps suitable for use up to 145 MHz I have some ideas for HF radio circuits.

    I have done quite a few radio circuit designs with transistors in spice simulations as well as IQ quadrature phase detectors and phase modulators for software defined radio hobby circuits and am interested in doing that kind of thing with opamps. So any information on using opamps as mixer circuits would be helpful for radio hobbyist.

    Anyways I hope you come around to your thread here sometime and I will check them out often to see if you have come back.
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