I'm looking for ideas for easy projects for teenagers and children with little or no experience that that are very small in scope and cost to be used in short drop-in making sessions in a library setting. These kits are an example; I tried to get some for a summer reading program but they seem to be sold out everywhere. I just discovered Jameco and purchased some components to replicate the project myself and hopefully will be able to put in an order for enough for a few dozen of them. (I bought a battery with leads, a vibration motor and some switches, (which being a noob I'm honestly not sure are even going to work but they were cheap and I think they'd add a lot to the kids' feeling of accomplishment if they do.) If they work I'll buy some bulk toothbrushes from a medical supply and whatever loose craft supplies are lying around the library (googly eyes, pipe cleaners for legs and antennas, that kind of thing) and can probably do the whole thing for under $3.00 a head. We're also going to do LED art with copper tape and little mini lanterns with Origami and LEDs.

We work with a lot of kids who come from very low income backgrounds who really don't see STEM careers as an option for them. The goal is to de-mystify engineering a little bit and give them a taste of the kinds of things they can do with some random cheap components, which will hopefully pique some of their interest so we can get them involved in other offerings like programming courses. I'm wondering if any of you have ideas for these sorts of fast, easy projects for kids with no experience?

Edit: oops, just noticed I put this in a robotics sub-forum: I was going for a more general scope. I'm not seeing a delete or move button so I guess it'll have to say for now!