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Thread: Hobby Stepper Motor Driver-what features do people want?

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    Hobby Stepper Motor Driver-what features do people want?

    I am designing a stepper motor driver that will drive any bipolar stepper motor using a servo PWM signal from a microcontroller or R/C receiver. The following features are already included (user defined by jumper or trimmer); what other features do people want?
    Jumper-Mode selection: continuous rotation or position (-180 to 180) (mimics both types of servos)
    Jumper-Half/Full step size
    Jumper-Stepper controller mode: changes coil pattern, see L297 datasheet
    Pot-Winding current
    Pot-Stepper speed

    There is a 4pin header (Step, Dir, Enable, GND) in case the user wants to bypass the MCU.

    Would a serial interface be helpful? Would compatibility with other stepper types be useful (e.g. unipolar)?

    Thank you

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    I think both bipolar and unipolar capability is a big advantage. Micro stepping at a higher resolution may help as well. Like 1/8-1/16.

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    Currently I have only bipolar support and full/half stepping with both position and velocity control. May be able to do the microstepping via software in an update. Maybe in a future revision I'll add unipolar support.

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    Hello! I'm sorry, that is not the topic! I really like your forum! Thank you, I'm with you)

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