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Thread: Milliday Arcade Clock

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    Milliday Arcade Clock

    Project completed a while back. Thought to create a business to construct and sell this, but could not develop a profitable business plan, and increasing disability drove the final nail into that coffin. So, here it is: Milliday Arcade Clock - based on a PIC16F690, displays time in millidays (000.0 to 999.9) 12 hour, or military 24-hour format. Has 10 chimes, initially set to occur on x00.0, playing video game and sci fi themes, and could be reset to occur at any point within the day. 3 buttons play short video game sounds, or when first button is held down, the other two become + and - for various settings in the clock. Can receive time from WWVB ("radio atomic clock"), but when I created this I wasn't very good with radio stuff, so mostly does not work, and code is poorly tested. Also, WWVB requires weird CME6005 radio chip, with SSOP-only which I found too small to hand solder. I am having difficulty attaching all of the files, so send me an email if you want something that didn't upload. All files were created by me, and are released unencumbered, except that the rights for the musical scores are held by others.
    Arcade_Clock.jpg - picture of 1 of 4 functioning prototypes
    Clock_1.asm - Full, integrated, and commented source code for PIC16F690
    Clock_1.pcb - Layout for prototype PC board, in the format of tools from, may have errors that were manually fixed on the prototypes
    Manual_Conversion.xlsx - Spreadsheet with table to manually convert millidays to normal 12-hour time
    TimeWarp*.bmp - Pictures for labels used on the prototype arcade machine box

    This is really uber-geeky (rebuild using NIXIE tubes for something ultra-uber-geeky), it would be a shame if it were allowed to die...
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    Hmm... sorry but the attachments do not work for me ld

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    I have the same problem ;d

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