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Thread: Quiz/Game show Buzzer

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    Quiz/Game show Buzzer

    A perfect kit for TV-like game shows and quizzes to detect who was the first to hit the button.

    A simple circuit on a PCB that allows the user to push one of 4/8 buttons to light up the corresponding LED and give an acoustic signal. At the same time further button presses are blocked until the reset button is pressed.
    There are possibilities to put several boards in a chain to allow more participants to take part in the quiz/game/etc.
    There are possibilities to extend the board with external push buttons(e.g. TV-like buzzers) and lights.

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    I can develop this. Drop a mail at

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    I have developed the same for my college, If you want you can contact me

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    It would make a great kit that would probably sell very well. Go ahead and pitch the brief idea to Club Jameco before it's too late and someone else does

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    You need two integrated circuit functions in this design. One wired OR circuit to detect switch closure in any switch and priority encoder to get code for the switch location which can also be latched once switch is pressed and will require some master switch to clear the latch. These functions can be easily integrated into a Micro-controller like AT89C2051.

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    I would like to read about it anymore. Prompt, what literature to study?

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    How difficult is it make a Game Show buzzer? Any tutorilas on how to do this? I'd like to make one just for the family games.

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