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Thread: Self-Balancing Ballbot

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    Self-Balancing Ballbot

    This robot will rest upon three omni wheels mounted at 120 degree angles to one another, which will allow for holonomic motion (i.e. it can move in any direction without turning). The robot will be placed on a small ball and, using some kind of sensor (IMU, AHRS, sonic range finders) as input, a microcontroller will process a digital PID feedback loop that actuates the three wheels to stabilize the angle of the robot. The end result will be a robot that rolls around while balancing atop a ball like a circus bear.

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    Does this have to use Omni Wheels? Or could some other kind of wheel be substituted? Are there any commercial sources of Omni Wheels that are motorized in two dimensions? That means can they be used to roll in any direction under power. This means they would have to have a main motor for rotating the overall wheel and several motors (at least four) for rotating each individual roller around the outside diameter. I have never seen such a thing and it sounds expensive unless it can be harvested from an existing device. Or would this motorized, Omni Wheel be part of the build?

    This sounds like a project for a whole team of designers.

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    Thank you for your work! You're doing a good job!

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