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Thread: PID Temperature Controller

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    PID Temperature Controller

    A digital temperature controller built around the AT Mega 328 chip, a K-type thermocouple,
    a 16x2 LCD screen and a 4 button keyboard to change the controllers set point and the
    process values (Proportional, Integral & Derivative). Using a USB-FTDI Cable the AT Mega
    328 is programmed in the Arduino IDE.
    The Arduino sketch has already been written for controlling boiler temperatures in home
    espresso machines, but this can be easily adapted for use in kilns, fermentation
    temperature control for beer brewing, home climate control or any other purpose that
    requires accurate heating control. It can also be adapted for cooling systems, such as
    air conditioning, refrigeration and keeping delicate electronics cool. It is a good
    platform for learning how process controllers work and the effects that changing the
    process values have on the system.

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    If anybody is interested I can post some mathematical notes and simulation programs for specifying, designing, simulating and evaluating PID temperature control. I have to recreate or renovate them though; so be patient. There are a lot of fine points in gaining control of thermal systems.

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    I would like to do this design. How do I get it? What are we driving?

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    Thanks for showing interest, but we got a builder willing to complete this project.

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    This is very nice post thanks a lot......!!!!

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    Unfortunately, I can not help you! I'm not good at this. Sorry!((

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