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Thread: Let's all be better drivers

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    Let's all be better drivers

    (I would presume that somebody's doing this, probably commercially, but I haven't seen it yet.) A (dash-mounted) camera that runs a continuous 30 minute recording loop, the whole- or parts of- whch can easily be downloaded to a built-in memory storage area.

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    I know some insurance companies have gadgets that do similar things. My brother's kids had them installed when they first got their license and he got a break on insurance that way.
    I think something like this could be built easily with a Raspberry Pi with an SD card and a usb webcam could even upload data wirelessly when you park in the garage...
    Oops actually now that I think about it, I have a friend who has one of these a keychain video/time lapse camera...we used it to create timelapse videos of a project we were working on ...really great...this is a random google, there are many on ebay like it...can also record sound

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