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Thread: Robotic droid

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    Robotic droid

    A well designed robot with a stable platform, 12 inch square base, 24 inch tall body with advanced form and function that can be broken down and shipped flat, a multitude of arm and end effectors for tasking and for true usefulness and purpose. This larger scale robot has been designed to do real world work-not just a learning tool or toy "science project". The market is saturated with starter kits that do nothing useful when completed, and leave the builder with no where to go from the kits completion. This is the interface to keep them interesting and wanting to do more than than simply complete a kit. It can be both Radio controlled using custom RC designed electronics in two frequencies, or programmed in multiple methodologies.

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    This is a great concept. Robots should do work! I believe a modular design with the ability to plug and play tools/sensors for different jobs. I'll put im stack of "want to" projects.

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