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Thread: Underwater ROV

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    Underwater ROV

    ROV with maximum depth of 300'. Using arduino. Color camera with OSD of depth, heading, temp. At minimum leak detection and voltage monitor.

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    This is a project I started last summer but ran into some design problems. Mostly the weight of the tether. So I stepped back and reworked the design. I recently bought a house with a pool so I'm in hopes to take up the project again. I'm slowly teaching myself how to program the arduino and I'm really enjoying it. The impetus for the project was to use it for underwater hull inspections of boats and tanks. As it stands now I am using off the shelf hardware and writing my own code using a single cat5 tether with an rs485 protocol. I have also decided to use brushless motors instead of hacked bilge motors. OpenROV has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to design of small inexpensive ROV for exploration.

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    Can anyone provide any link to design underwater robot... thanks in advance

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    Thank you for posting this information!)

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