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Thread: Data Collector, Bluetooth Download, Evaluation Software

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    Data Collector, Bluetooth Download, Evaluation Software

    Ultra Low Power, micro controller based data collector using MSP430 processor. Processor board exposes most I/O pins to interface with any 3 volt sensor. Programming the MSP430 is done using Bluetooth to PC. - no wires for JTAG! Powered by 123 camera battery. 32Meg Memory. Data gathering by Bluetooth. Evaluation software charts 50 data series at once. Forget EXCEL. The "kit part" is proposed as developer board to interface will processor board. Programming the firmware to communication with the sensor(s) is kit purchaser responsibility. Libraries available for I2C, SPI, and Bluetooth module interface. This is an advanced project that can be hand, or toaster oven assembled. Processor board is fully designed and in use for specific implementation.

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